Sales and Marketing

At Plasma-Therm sales and marketing team members are involved in many crucial functions, including business development, platform management, sales, sales support and marketing communications.

As a Business Development professional, you will...

Maintain regular contact with current and potential customers to learn about needs, plans, and industry trends

Attend and present at international conferences

Help guide product development to enable current and future end-users’ applications

Travel extensively to meet leaders in microelectronics-based applications

Help define how company success will look like in coming years

The Platform Management team is more of an “inside-out” function. As a platform manager, you will...

Ensure alignment between Business Development and Product Development goals and plans

Define product configurations and manage their structure and life cycle

Support sales team members with well-defined and competitive products

Marketing Communications professionals manage internal and external messaging. As a marketing communications team member, you will...

Manage website design and content, enhancements, and usage tracking

Coordinate tradeshow scheduling, exhibition design, and event logistics

Produce and distribute press releases and marketing collateral

Promote the company’s products and activities on social media

As a member of the Sales Team, you are the link that connects Plasma-Therm to its current and future customers. In your role you will…

Engage with current and future customers to understand their capital plans, timelines, budgets and assist in promoting appropriate solutions

Build relationships and help the organization serve the customers’ needs

Assist the marketing team in understanding customer and industry trends

Sales Support roles ensure that the organization is connected to and responding to the needs and requests of the sales team by…

Coordinating the generation and communication of information and documentation to the sales team

Providing the organization the information it needs to execute on customer orders

Managing the communication channels internally and with the customers on all topics related to current and future orders

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Plasma-Therm is an equal employment opportunity employer, in accordance with applicable federal and state laws for qualified employees and applicants without regard to race, religion, color, sex, age, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, genetic information, protected veteran or disability status. When requested and necessary, we provide reasonable accommodations for qualified individuals with disabilities.